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Two Attorneys Sharing One Job - A Work Life Balance Solution for Law Firms?

A recent Washington Post article explored the novel work arrangement successfully implemented by Martha Mensch and Andrea Pesta who share the job of director of strategic development in the finance department at Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Both women were struggling with trying to be both mothers and executives, when their boss suggested that they put their heads and lives together and share one job at the firm. Such an experiment had never been tried before, but it has a happy ending. The two have shared four jobs now and have even been promoted together.

While job sharing is not widespread, it offers a solution for firms seeking to retain talented employees who are not prepared to work 80-hour workweeks.

As explained by Mensch's and Pesta's boss, David Swenson, who is now CFO of Booz Hamilton:

"We had two highly skilled finance professionals who were capable of contributing exceptional value and continuing their professional development. We did not, however, have two part-time roles that would match their capabilities and potential. If Andrea and Martha could make it work, everyone would win. They would be able to maintain the work-life balance and be in roles best matching their capabilities and potential. The firm would benefit from continuing to receive the value added from two very skilled professionals."

Something for law firms dealing with their own retention issues to consider.

See the full Post article here

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