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Ending the Gauntlet: Removing Barriers to Women's Success in Law

Gauntlet Ending the Gauntlet: Removing Barriers to Women's Success in Law is a new book from well-known attorney, speaker and consultant Lauren Stiller Rikleen that focuses on the institutional impediments to women's success in the practice of law -- that is, the challenges and roadblocks women face as they struggle to succeed in law firms.

The book addresses all aspects of law firm life including firm management, the assignment process, billable hour demands, business generation, compensation, mentoring, attrition, and work/family issues. It also sets forth recommendations for change, describing concrete actions which law firms can implement in order to enable women to take their rightful place as equals in the legal profession.

The book is the result of two years of research and is based on the author’s interviews with hundreds of women lawyers and law firm managers from all over the country. The author also draws extensively on a wide range of research across multiple disciplines in order to shed further light on the areas covered. Although the book is about women in law firms, the issues raised could apply to any professional setting.

Price: $25.00

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