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Work Life Winner: Lowrie, Lando & Anastasi: A New Way of Doing Business That Promotes Balance

Rare is the law firm that unabashedly stresses its commitment to work life balance. As the intellectual property law firm of Lowrie, Lando & Anastasi ("LLA") explains on its website, " it is not always in the attorneys’ best interests or the clients’ best interests to force all professionals to drive their billable hours to new heights every year."

What this means for attorneys at LLA is a billable hour requirement limited to 1,600 hours a year instead of the typical 2,000. LLA argues that its lower billable hour requirement and commitment to work life balance in general translates into attorneys who are more well-rounded, more responsive, and more efficient, and who overall deliver better service to clients.

The media has taken notice. LLA was recently featured in an article in the June 2006 edition of Pierce Law Magazine as a "new breed of law firm" that is "busy sweeping away the traditional system of billable hours." An earlier June 2005 article in the Boston Globe highlighted the routine of firm founder, Matt Lowrie, who walks his daughter to school each morning and regularly chaperones her trips. As noted, the balance evident in Lowrie's life is firm policy, and it is this commitment to balance, Lowrie claims in the article, that allows the firm to thrive by charging less, and offering clients the benefit of fresh, energized lawyers.

LLA's innovative approach hasn't held the firm back in terms of growth. Opening in June 2003 with 3 attorneys and 4 staff members, the firm now boasts a team of 25 attorneys and over 50 employees.

For LLA's innovative approach to work life balance in a law firm environment we've named LLA as a Work Life Winner. We encourage our readers to visit the firm's website for further details.

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