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Patently Silly: Featuring the "Chewable Toothbrush" and Other Inventions That Will Crack You Up

For patent attorneys (or any lawyer for that matter) looking for a good laugh, check out: Patently Silly - a blog published by comedian Daniel Wright that reports tongue-in-check on new patents that will leave you scratching your head and wondering: "What were they smoking when they filed that?"

How about a pen that converts into handcuffs? (for opposing counsel who get nasty in depositions).

Or a device for determining and characterizing noises generated by the mastication of food? (sounds like a great dinner prank for kids - slip it under the table and drive your parents crazy!)

Or for folks with kids, here's a clever new party favor: the combination lollipop/drinking straw.

These and other inventions profiled on the blog most clearly vindicate the wisdom of our Founding Fathers to "promote the progress of science and useful arts" by authorizing Congress to issue patents. What could be more "useful" (and American) than a baseball cap with a built-in bottle opener?

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