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CaseMap Case Analysis Software

At JD Bliss, we'll look at any product or service that helps lawyers achieve a higher quality of life, and new technology is no exception. Indeed, the pace of technological change has resulted in the roll out of new gadgets, software and other tools that make the practice of law less stressful and time-consuming for the average attorney.

CaseMap case analysis software from Casesoft is one good example. We received a promotion the other day for this software and think it is a pretty cool application. Take the Intake Interview Jumpstart feature. This capability lets a lawyer send a word-processing document to clients or prospects for them to fill in with background information about the persons, organizations and facts in their case. When the completed CaseMap Intake Interview Form is returned to the lawyer, he or she can import the document into CaseMap 6 via a wizard. CaseMap 6 then automatically generates a Report that summarizes the information provided by the client.

See is believing - check out a sample Intake Interview form here (PDF) and a sample report here (PDF).

Lawyers, or their paralegals or assistants, who use this application should save substantial time on case intake, and at the same time convey the impression to clients of a tech-savvy practice.

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