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Online Personality Test for Entrepreneurs

Lawyers considering chucking their jobs and becoming entrepreneurs should first take the Business Career Personality Test, a free online assessment that allows you to measure your entrepreneurial interests and aptitudes. The test takes 20-30 minutes to complete, scores automatically, and provides interpretive materials on-line.

For those who score in the high or very high range on the Entrepreneurial Attributes Scale (EAS), the message is that you are someone who values entrepreneurial organizational cultures, whether or not you choose to start or own your own business. The results state that an entrepreneurial culture is one that:

  • values individual initiative
  • provides genuine autonomy
  • moves profit and loss responsibility as far down in the organizational structure as possible
  • aggressively structures compensation to reward individual initiative
  • assumes that individuals are willing to take compensation risks in favor of exceptional compensation opportunities that will be realized with the success of the business

For those struggling to understand the kinds of environments in which they would thrive, and those in which they won't, taking this test is a good step in the direction of self-exploration.

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