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Women-At-Law: Lessons Learned Along The Pathways To Success

How do women lawyers define success in today's world? For this new guide, author Phyllis Horn Epstein interviewed over 100 women lawyers of all ages, backgrounds,and lifestyle in a wide variety of practice settings in the nation. The responses offer valuable insight into the struggles and accomplishments of women trailblazers who have paved the way for today’s woman lawyer.

According to Martha W. Barnett, Past President, American Bar Association, Epstein has written "the ultimate insider’s handbook for young women lawyers and 'lawyers to be,' while offering the rare opportunity for seasoned lawyers to read about their peers, connect, and recognize that they are not alone."

Price: $49.95

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This book provides significant qualitative research in that it tells the stories of several Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) female attorneys. If you know what the hurdles are that women attorneys face, then this book may be redundant. It offers no solutions, recommendations or other ideas for overcoming obstacles.

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