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Workaholics Anonymous

Lawyers feeling overwhelmed with work may want to take a look at Workaholics Anonymous - a 12-step recovery program for compulsive workers based upon the structure of Alcoholics Anonymous. The group sponsors meetings in various states.

Are you a workaholic?  The site offers this list of 20 questions to help you determine if you are.

Interested individuals may also want to check out this press release in which several members describe their experiences with the organization and how it has helped them.

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My husband is a workaholic, averaging 70 hrs a week. In the 10 yrs we've been together, it is harder & harder to slow him down. He's is irratible, & is hurting his relationships with the family. He comes home late, eats, and falls asleep. He has been too tired to shower, too busy to get hair-cuts and take care of himself. I cannot make him understand that this is a serious problem. He's not involved in his home, marriage, kids.. If it isn't making a buck, he pays no attention. His down time is drinking beer, sometimes too much, and talking about work. He is aware that his family is miserable, yet makes no effort. How can I get us help? I've tried counseling, kicking him out, and I even got him to agree to taking Sundays off at least. Now he says he needs to work Sundays because of course we need the money.

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