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Harvard Law School 2L Reflects on Career Plans

Pia Owens, a 2d year student at Harvard Law School, has written a short essay exploring the considerations behind her classmates' career plans after law school. She lays out the well-known pros and cons of taking a job at one of the big firms - little to no life outside of work versus great training (well, hopefully - not all associates agree). Owens also observes that working in public service or at a smaller firm with less demanding hours are options that ought to be considered. We sense her conclusion, while unstated, is that the most important thing is for a student to be happy with their choice.

Owens doesn't share her own choice, though her byline says she "worked at a firm last summer and didn't regret it." Big firm? Small firm? Given that Owens seems to have put alot of thought into career options out of law school (admittedly much broader for a Harvard graduate), we're curious where she'll ultimately end up.

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