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Work Life Winner: Meredith Connell: New Zealand Law Firm Encourages Nap Time

A new Work Life Winner Award from JD Bliss goes to Meredith Connell, a New Zealand law firm that encourages its workers to take a nap if they are tired. The firm also offers employees flexible work hours to take account of personal commitments.

One attorney at the firm, Anna Longdill, took advantage of the flex-time policy to train for up to 20 hours a week for ironman competitions. And she still managed to bill 50 hours a week for the firm by working at night from home via remote access to company computers.

The firm recently won New Zealand's top award for helping employees to balance their work and personal lives - the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust's Work and Life Award.

See media coverage here, here, here and here. Wow - the innovative nap time rule has probably already paid for itself many times over in great PR.

Still, call us skeptical, but we don't think there's a New York lawyer who'd be caught dead napping in the office during work hours. But maybe that's something that should change.

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My experience as a coach to lawyers and other professionals tells me that this is a "no brainer". Of course, a nap refreshes you during the day so you wake ready to be more productive. Compare it to the state you were in when you needed the nap. Congratulations to New Zealand for recognizing that lawyers are humans as well. Come on, America, catch up and catch on! You might even solve the high cost of turnover.

I have been practising law since 1978 and nap at my desk almost daily (which has been a lot easier after I became a partner). I have a framed article on my wall entitled "Napping on job could be good for health". More firms should offer and encourage this practice.

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