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Success Story: Steven Shaw: The Lawyer Who Became "The Fat Guy"

Steven Shaw, also known as "The Fat Guy" in Internet food circles, is the founder of the culinary-focused site eGullet and the author of a new book called Turning the Tables: Restaurants from the Inside Out..

But before he was a food writer, Shaw was a lawyer (practicing at Cravath Swaine & Moore). By Shaw's account, in 1997, he began to rethink his career. His long hours held less and less appeal, and he missed spending time with his wife, travel writer Ellen Shapiro, and his bulldog Momo. His father had just passed away. Shaw decided to quit law and pursue a food-writing career.

Click here to read more about Shaw's new book and his insider look at the restaurant industry.

An article about Shaw's transition from law to restaurant guru also appears on Law Crossing. The article includes this tidbit of advice from Shaw to other lawyers looking to change careers: Save money. As Shaw explains, "that's a big mistake that I made, I saved up enough to live for a year. I think you should save up enough to live for three years because it takes a really long time to establish yourself in another career. And when I look back at all the money I spent on that extra suit and that extra pair of shoes that I didn't really need, and now I could have paid a month's rent with that money, I feel stupid."

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