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The Best Way to Catch New Clients

Legal marketing may fall a bit outside the scope of our mandate here at JD Bliss, but at a time when advancement at so many firms depends on a lawyer's ability to develop new business, and to the extent so many lawyers find business development to be a frustrating experience that involves alot of time and effort with uncertain payoffs, we're happy to share compelling business development tips that come across our desk.

In this case, we found what we consider a gem of an article written by John Remsen of the Remsen Group, a marketing consulting firm that works exclusively with law firms to help them attract and retain the clients. Entitled The Best Way to Catch New Clients? Find Their Associations and Get Actively Involved, the article explains step-by-step how active participation in an industry trade associations can help lawyers find new clients. Briefly, the article recommends targeting an industry (e.g., banking), and then locating a trade association that will help you meet and network with senior executives in that industry.

Sounds simple, but the article concedes that the process requires alot of time and effort.

Read the full article here.

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