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Introducing the Adventures of . . . Attorney Man

Attorneyman Seeking to jazz up the often staid task of teaching lawyers business development skills, consultant Karen Katz has created "Attorney Man," a comic book superhero who teaches trainees how to become super rainmakers.

The storyline revolves around Tim Silver, an attorney at the fictional law firm Cha Chingi Changa LLP, who, after nine years and 23,000 billable hours, finally makes senior partner, but soon realizes that the firm's other partners no longer give him work, that he has no clients of his own, and that he lacks the marketing skills to develop business. Enter Dr. Development, who gives Tim a magic elixir that transforms him into Attorney Man, an uberlawyer who masters the art of sales and develops a roster of supersatisfied clients to die for.

Corny? We agree with Katz's strategy: "sometimes when people get a chuckle out of something, they're more inclined to think differently about it."

To buy the Attorney Man comic, visit here.

Read the full story behind the caped legal crusader in the Boston Globe.

And thank you to the WSJ Law Blog for its post tipping us off to the arrival of our new hero (the real question now is whether Attorney Man has adequate credentials to gain admission to the Justice League - if turned down, there's always Plan B - sue Time Warner (parent of DC Comics) for discrimination!)

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