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Book: Lawyer's Poker: 52 Lessons that Lawyers Can Learn from Card Players

Author Steven Lubet, a law professor, sees much in common between the human drama of the courtroom and the poker table, and he points out the ways that lawyers can benefit from studying strategies employed by good poker players.

The book is divided into suits: diamonds representing maximizing winnings; clubs signifying controlling the opposition; spades, digging for information; and hearts, ethics and character. Going beyond using poker playing as a metaphor, within each section Lubet plumbs the lessons that can be learned from the game that can be transferred to the courtroom.

The underlying principle is to distinguish between those who play the odds and those who gamble. Interspersed throughout, Lubet offers real-life experiences of gamblers playing the odds at poker and lawyers in historically significant cases gambling on particular legal strategies in their cases.

Overall, highly insightful and entertaining.

Cost: $18.48

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