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UK Group Finds That Millions of Office Workers Don't Get Home Until at Least 8pm

Sleepingworker A recent study by the UK-based At Home Society found that a third of workers don't get home from the office until at least 8pm — and the trend for staying late is growing. A year ago, 8.6 million people said they regularly worked late, but this figure has now risen to 9.5 million, according to the newest study.

Despite the rise, almost half admitted they got little constructive work done in the office after 6pm and instead chatted to colleagues or did tasks such as filing or tidying their desk.

The study included a warning that the culture of staying late at work and spending little time at home was having serious social consequences. For instance, four in 10 of those questioned said they invested more time and effort in work relationships than in personal ones.

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For lawyers, findings like these probably feel like deja vu. We wonder what percentage of lawyers regularly get home from work after 8 p.m., and how late hours are affecting their personal relationships. The answers would probably not be reassuring.

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