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Ten Common Sense Lawyer Career Change Do's & Don't's

Celiapaul From lawyer career change counselors Celia Paul Associates, comes this handy list of ten tips for successfully managing a transition from law into a new career:

1. Recall your most enjoyable accomplishments and experiences, especially those that are deeply felt & emotionally fulfilling, and imagine venues, occasions and the means to do them again

2. Keep a career journal/diary to collect all your positive thoughts, idea-associations, insights, and leads that occur to you as you recall your most enjoyable accomplishments and activities

Steverosen 3. Regularly affirm all of your skills, assets, and best attributes, and remind yourself that with energy, optimism, and persistence you will find a place to use them

4. Identify people you know (or better still, people who know people you know) who are doing what you think you might want to do

5. Find out what they like and don’t like about their job/work/career, who else they know who does similar activities, and how they got there

Click here to read the remaining 5 attorney career change tips.

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