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Book: CEO Dad: How to Avoid Getting Fired by Your Family

Ceo_dad For partners at big law firms and other senior attorneys who are feeling torn by work life balance conflicts, consider buying a copy of CEO Dad: How to Avoid Getting Fired by Your Family. The book humorously explores how the personality traits that make CEO's so successful in the business world often wreak havoc in their personal relationships. It includes dozens of cartoons that poke fun at modern business executives and their fast-paced, often skewed worlds.

The book has even coined a new phrase -- "CEO-Dad-itude" -- which author Tom Stern describes in an interview as a mental attitude in which senior male executives "have this exaggerated sense of priority and control --they always want to be the best, be in charge, get a priority status, are sure they are right and that they know it all. They want to set the agenda -- at work and even at home."

Stern continues that senior executives with "CEO Dad-itude" often experience failures in their personal lives because as "CEOs in the office, they are in control, have the commands, can compete aggressively and measure their achievements step by step. But you can’t really measure any of those things at home. There are no flowcharts and you can’t legislate or send a five-part memo to your family. All this makes things very difficult for CEO dads to operate at home."

Does all this sound like any lawyers you know?

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