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Success Story: Homer Mullins: From Litigator to Hearing Loss Consultant

Homermullins Homer Mullins practiced corporate law and general business litigation for approximately 30 years in a host of different settings from the government, large and small business corporations and large and small private law firms. That was until 2002 when he was diagnosed with hearing loss, auditory processing disorder (APD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These disorders affected Mullins' ability to comprehend complex, especially novel issues in the rapid-fire manner expected of a litigation attorney, and adversely impacted his working memory, i.e., the ability to hold on to current bits of information long enough to work through a simple problem like opening a combination lock.

Rather than despair, Mullins drew on his own experiences to form a new business, Odyssey Hearing Solutions, that helps other professionals cope with hearing loss and other auditory disorders.

Read more about Mullins' inspiring career transition in The Complete Lawyer.

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