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Solo Attorneys: Surround Yourself With Positive, Energetic People

Have you ever noticed how being with people who seem to have negative attitudes can drag you down?  Or when you spend time with friends who have an upbeat, optimistic outlook on life, you also are more likely to have a positive, winning attitude? At her My Shingle blog, Carolyn Elefant hits on this point when she advises attorneys starting up a solo practice to "seek out supportive, go-getting, self-starters . . . who share your drive and optimism." At the same time, she warns aspiring solos that much as they may believe in their ability to start and run a successful practice, if they surround ourselves with naysayers, they may begin to have doubts.

I think any lawyer--indeed, probably any person--can benefit from Carolyn's observation and advice.  Who couldn't benefit from a solid support team of friends and colleagues?

I know Carolyn's suggestion works because I have been unwittingly following it for several years.  In my law practice, I work with fellow entrepreneurs.  For a long time, I've built my client base with people who are energetic, creative, and happy about their work.  Intuitively, I knew surrounding myself with such people would make me more energetic, creative, and happy about my own work.

By Steve Imparl, guest blogger

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