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Attorney Career Question: Seeking Advice on How to Launch an Adoption and Mediation Practice

Attorney Career Question: I'm  an associate at a family law firm that does not do adoptions. I'd like to carve out a niche for myself, doing adoptions amd mediation, but am wary since the partner informed me that adoptions are not a money maker for the firm. We already have an active mediation practice. Divorces are starting to wear me down...any thoughts?

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You should start a blog on adoption law. If you publish regularly to the blog a few times a week, in 6 months or so you should show up high in Google for adoption lawyer, and begin to develop a reputation for thought leadership in the field. See:

Separately, you should also contact Flory Herman - she's a prominent adoption attorney who actually produced an award-winning video on adoption.


I am in EXACTLY the same position. Associate with a family law firm, getting paid way too little, would like to develop a niche specializing in adoptions to add value to both myself and the firm. Any help?

Can adoptions be lucrative or at least profitable?

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