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Book: The Lure of the Law: Why People Become Lawyers, and What the Profession Does to Them

In The Lure of the Law, author Richard Moll surveys attorneys of diverse specialties about their attitudes toward the law and their colleagues. Some complain of "treadmill careers," while others say that if they could live their life all over again, they would never go to law school. Yet some attorneys interviewed profess to love legal practice.  The diversity of perspectives led one reader to comment:

There are a great many interesting perspectives given by the attorneys as to their motivations and general feelings about the law, as well as a little bit about how they got to where they are. It's like a book full of informational interviews. I urge prospective law students to read this, and the rest of society might also enjoy learning what makes lawyers tick.

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More than 50% of lawyers leave the profession. It is primarily from mismatching expectations with the reality...not necessarily of Big Law..but what the practice really is and the right way to practice for them. If you are solo-minded, Big Law will make you feel caged. If you love Big Law but go solo you will feel like a failure, third-rate and away from the 'action.' Options need to be treated respectfully by all so when you pursue a legal degree you can select the right fit for your personal and professional needs.

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