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Stephanie West Allen Shares Mindfulness Resources for Lawyers

For nearly 10 years, I have been practicing mindfulness mediation. While I still have much to learn about mindfulness, the practice has already enriched my personal and professional lives immensely.

What is mindfulness? The word "mindfulness" is at once simple in its meaning, and rich in its power and profound implications for our world. Mindfulness is the quality and the practice of being awake and fully aware of what is happening in each moment of our lives. When we are mindful, we experience reality exactly as it is, without supplementing reality with any concepts or notions about our experience. Mindfulness is a state of alertness, of openness, and an attitude of willingness to encounter whatever the present moment reveals to us.

The application of mindfulness to the practice of law offers lawyers the possibility of representing their clients better, reducing their own stress, and enjoying the legal profession more fully. Also, mindfulness is flexible and fluid, so it can work in any situation.

At idealawg, Stephanie West Allen, a successful lawyer and mediator who is doing some innovative work in the area of neuroscience and conflict resolution, offers a collection of online resources about the use of mindfulness meditation in the practice of law. Whether you're a beginning student of mindfulness, a seasoned lawyer-meditator, or just want to learn what mindfulness is about, these resources will give you a lot of information about how other lawyers are using mindfulness to enrich their practices and their lives as a whole. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

By Steve Imparl, guest blogger

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