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Gravett & Gravett: Divorce Attorneys Who Help Couples Save Their Marriages

When most people think of divorce attorneys, they imagine lawyers who work with people to dissolve their marriages. However, a law firm in New York state, Gravett & Gravett, goes a step further: they help troubled couples to try to save their marriages.

The firm takes a high-tech approach to saving marriages: it recently launched to provide visitors with free information they can use to preserve their marriages. The site contains

  • a directory of marriage counselors and mental health professionals in Westchester County, New York,
  • articles about the realities of divorce and how to deal with marital conflict effectively,
  • a collection of books with links to them on, and
  • a library of links to Web sites that offer information and help to struggling couples.

In a press release about the new site, the founding partners of Gravett & Gravett explained their rationale for their marriage-saving services.

Willem Gravett commented:

"People often assume that as divorce attorneys, we encourage divorce. That is not true. Divorce is reported to be a $28 billion-a-year industry. It certainly needs no encouragement. This website is designed to help couples to buck the trend and to take the necessary steps to try and avoid divorce."

Margaretha Gravett concurred, saying:

"Not only is divorce expensive, it can also be emotionally devastating. It is certainly not the 'easy' solution some people think it is. We wanted to offer local experts and resources to the community to help couples that are committed to resolving their differences and making their marriage work."

Gravett & Gravett also offers traditional legal services for divorcing couples who cannot reconcile.  However, their innovative approach to saving marriages is a refreshing variation in an area of law well-known for its expense and intensity of emotional conflict.

By Steve Imparl, guest blogger and former family law litigator

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