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Interview: Michael Rothman: From Lawyer to High-End Private Investigator

Rothman Career opportunities often fall into a lawyer's lap when he or she least expects it. The key is to seize the opportunity.

A case in point is Michael Rothman who moved to New York and took a job in the global investigations department of a leading investigative consulting firm to secure an interim source of income while studying for the bar. The company's only in-house lawyer unexpectedly left, which presented Rothman with the opportunity to assume a bigger role on the business side of the company. Eventually, he became Senior Vice President of Investigations.

However, Rothman comes from a family of entrepreneurs (his father owned and operated a lumberyard for 25 years), and he decided he was more suited to being his own boss than being an employee. Starting at his kitchen table with $30,000 in savings, Rothman set his sights on providing due diligence and investigative services to high-end financial clients such as investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms.

His firm - Rothman Consulting - now services a growing roster of clients in the Wall Street community helping them identify potential "landmines" that could prove damaging or embarassing such as securities violations, criminal records, fraudulent credentials, factual misrepresentations, and character issues before the client proceeds with a major transaction such as a merger or acquisition, or makes a key hire such as a hedge fund manager.

Click below for a full interview with Michael.

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