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Practicing Law Not Great for Your Health

Matt Homann Shares His "Ten Rules About Hourly Billing"

Today's Economy Prompts Rethinking the Billable Hour

Ford & Harrison Sees Good Results from Eliminating Billable Hour Quota for First-Years

The Economist Ponders the Fate of the Billable Hour

Stephen Ellis Offers Seven Simple Suggestions for Success and Happiness in the Law

Commercial Law League of America to Sponsor May 1 CLE Event in Chicago That Will Address the Billable Hour, Transitioning Between Firms, and Ethical Issues for Attorneys

Eversheds Report Discusses Work-life Balance and Other Trends Affecting Law Firms in the 21st Century

Building a Better Legal Profession: Grassroots Group of Law Students Demands Commitment from Law Firms to Work-life Balance, Mentoring, Diversity, and Pro Bono Work

The Ford & Harrison and Strasburger & Price Law Firms Swap Mentoring and Training Time for Billable Hours for New Associates

Billable Hours Aren't Everything: One Group of Lawyers Takes Back Their Weekends

Law Firm Associate Dichotomy: Mega Salary vs. Pay Cut for Fewer Hours

Work Life Winner: Ford & Harrison Kills Billable Hours for First Year Associates

More Analysis Of Why Lawyers Are Unhappy

Corporate Counsel Weigh in Negatively on Recent Law Firm Associate Pay Hikes

Scott Turow's Rallying Cry: The Billable Hour Must Die

Did Your Law Firm Ever Warn You That You're Working Too Hard?

Why Are So Many Lawyers Unhappy? Six Reasons

Success Story: Cameron Stracher: From Double Billing Litigator to Dinner Making Dad

Associates Say They'd Take Pay Cuts to Work Less

The Assault on the Billable Hour Continues

More Small Firms Are Turning to Flat Fees - What is the Impact on Work Life Balance?

Akin Gump to Share Class Action Award With Every Employee at the Firm

Software Solutions to the Billable Hour

Online Calculator That Displays Your Hourly Rate - Are Those New Associate Salaries So Great on an Hourly Basis?

Billable Hour Scandal?

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