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Douglas Bouton: From Law to Ice Cream

Interview: Michael Rothman: From Lawyer to High-End Private Investigator

Rob Sciglimpaglia: Moving from Law to Acting and Voice Overs

Patricia Lin: Environmental Lawyer Finds Joy in Scuba Diving

Chinwe Enu: Pursuing an Opera Career

Women Lawyers Transition to More Satisfying Careers

Gravett & Gravett: Divorce Attorneys Who Help Couples Save Their Marriages

Attorney John Rittelmeyer Champions Disability Rights

Rhonda Joy McLean Uses Diverse Talents and Experiences in Law Practice and Life

Jack Marshall Makes Legal Ethics Entertaining

In this Corner...Preston Halliburton Balances Careers as Lawyer and Professional Boxer

Four Successful Attorneys Who Pursue Their Personal Passions in Their Professional Practices

Nathan Sawaya: Lawyer's Love of LEGO® Blocks Leads to a Life Outside Law Practice

Back to "Big Law": John Liu and In Lee Move From Two-Lawyer Practice Back to Fenwick & West

Turning Experience into an Asset: One Lawyer's Transition from Jurist to Private Attorney

Celebrating the Lives of Two Lawyers in Their Golden Years

Some Law Graduates Cheerfully Choose Alternative Careers

Jim Karger: Former Labor Lawyer Finds Happiness in Mexico Helping Homeless Dogs and Counseling Businesses

Paul Hempel: Moving Beyond Life as a General Counsel

Kevin Baxter: Bringing the Gift of Sports to Underprivileged Children

Edward Ripley: Seasoned Bankruptcy Lawyer Doubles as Youth Soccer Referee

Attorney-Turned-Celebrity Blogger David Lat Interviewed by ABC News

Steve Imparl: Lawyer Boxer Finds Time to Indulge Eclectic Interests

Alex Bok: Lawyer Finds Meaningful Outlet for His Baseball Passion

Ashley Brewer: Lawyer Doubles As Life Coach For Other Attorneys

Philip Akalp: Lawyer Turned Online Incorporator

Success Story: Marci Alboher: Lawyer Turned Journalist/Author/Speaker Introduces Concept of a "Slash" Career

Downsizing: Finding Happiness at (Much) Smaller Law Firms

Success Story: Matthew Moneymaker: Corporate Attorney Doubles as Bigfoot Tracker

Success Story: Jay Nussbaum: From Real Estate Law to Novelist and Black Belt

Success Story: Cameron Stracher: From Double Billing Litigator to Dinner Making Dad

Success Story: Greg "Fossilman" Raymer: From Patent Law to Poker

Success Story: Robin Molan: Lawyer Dazzles Shoppers With Trendy Jewelry and Apparel and Shares Profits With Charities

Success Story: Bruce Wasserstein: Former Cravath Lawyer Sells The American Lawyer for $635 Million

Book Success Story: Martha Kimes: Author of Ivy Briefs: True Tales of a Neurotic Law Student

Success Story: Paul Nunes: Litigator Doubles as Children's Song Writer

Success Story: Jay Kuo: Lawyer Turned Musical Playwright

Success Story: Harleen Kahlon: From Law to Damsels in Success

Success Story: Michael Arrington: From Corporate Law to Leading Tech Blogger

Success Story: Robert Kost: From Lawyer to Online Travel Entrepreneur

Success Story: Ian Quick: Abracadabra - Lawyer Turned Magician

Success Story: Lauren Pheeney Della Monica: Lawyer Turned Fine Art Consultant

Success Story: Tama Kieves: From Harvard Law to Life Coach

Success Story: Homer Mullins: From Litigator to Hearing Loss Consultant

Interview: Tim Zagat: From Law to Leisure Guide Empire

Success Story: Patricia Comeford: Lawyer Turned Recruiter Sells Headhunting Firm She Started on a Shoestring

Success Story: Lois Cole: From Criminal Law to Curator

Do Lawyers Make Good CEOs?

Interview: Tina Nelson: Turning Law Into a Game

Interview: Taina Bien-Aime: From Wall Street Lawyer to Advocate for Women's Rights

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