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Success Story: Michael Karlan: Tax Lawyer Turned Party Planner

Success Story: Denise Lash: Condo Lawyer Turned Condo Queen

Counsel to Counsel: The Blog of Stephen Seckler -- Attorney Turned Recruiter and Coach

Success Story: Nathan Sawaya: Lawyer Turned Master Lego Builder

David Lat: Former Federal Prosecutor and Wachtell Lipton Associate Turned Celebrity Blogger

Interview: Marissa Tiamfook: Entertainment Lawyer Turned Actress

Another Lawyer Turned Baker: Rebecca Ditsch

Life Imitating Art: Two Yale Grads Leave Law for Farming

Interview: Scott Turow: From Law to Best-Selling Novels

Interview: Stephan Pastis: Attorney Turned Cartoonist

Interview: Sandra Velvel: Lawyer Turned Interior Design Retailer

Success Stories: Daniel P. Hunsberger and Lindsay Lambert: Lawyer Firefighters

Book Success Story: Lawyer Writer Brad Snyder's Well-Paid Slave: Curt Flood's Fight for Free Agency in Professional Sports

Success Story: David Lat: Former Federal Prosecutor and Wachtell Lipton Associate Turned Celebrity Blogger

Success Stories: Jackie Benson and Dan Downey: Mixing Law and Competitive Ice Hockey

Success Story: Stephanie West Allen: Lawyer Turned Coach and Trainer

Success Stories: Lawyer Equestrians Tackle English Riding

Interview: Drew Oliver: From Law to Stuffed Microbes

Success Story: Mississippi Lawyer Nominated Cook of the Week Balances Family and a Budding Legal Practice

Success Story: Jessica Hirsch Biales: Lawyer Invents "Octopus" Strap to Carry Files

Success Story: Beth Orsoff: Lawyer Turned Novelist

Interview: Ted Mills: From Law to Nonprofit Fundraising and Development

Success Story: Laurie Warshawsky: Mixing Law and Jewelry Design

Success Story: Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini: "I'm a Mum First, a Lawyer Second"

Interview: Denise Couling: From Law to Jewelry Design

Success Story: Donatella Arpaia: Attorney Turned Restaurateur

Success Story: Len Leeds: From Lawsuits to Love Songs

Success Story Update: Former Litigator Warren Brown to Launch Energy Bars With Taste

Interview: Carolyn Elefant: The Joys of Going Solo

Interview: Dennis Kennedy: Bridging the Gap Between Law and Technology

Success Story: Joi Gordon: Lawyer Leads Organization That Helps Disadvantaged Women Achieve Successful Careers

Success Story: Steven Shaw: The Lawyer Who Became "The Fat Guy"

Interview: Sarah Davis: Attorney Turned eBay Gold Power Seller

Interview: Roy Brown: From Law to the Family Cattle Business

Interview: Jeff Brooke: Law Firm Partner Spends Five Year Sabbatical Sailing Around the World

Calvita J. Frederick-Sowell: From Law to Tea Maven

Mark Seif: Lawyer Turned Poker Champion

Dennis Naughton: Attorney Ventriloquist

Walter Kingston: From Law to Exotic Furniture

Minna Felig: Lawyer Turned Legal Recruiter and Management Consultant

Susan Calman: Lawyer Turned Stand Up Comic

Interview: Steven Wallace: From Tax Lawyer to Chocolatier

Interview: Talmage Boston: Litigator Doubles as Baseball Historian

Andy Broder: Lawyer-Turned-Chef

Interview: Terry Carter: From Law to Luxury Body Care Products

Interview: Joanne Sternlieb on the Joys and Challenges of Solo Practice

Interview: Steve Zikman: From Lawyer to Travel Guru

Interview: Rosanne Pennella: From Litigation to Professional Photography

Interview: David Kaufman: Litigator Turns Passion for Martial Arts Into a Niche Karate Legal Practice

Interview: Margaret Minister O'Keefe: Overseeing Licensing at Angela Adams Designs

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